Sentence Examples

  • The consequence of this misuse of the term "curate" was that the title of "perpetual curate" fell into desuetude in the Anglican Church, and an act of parliament (1868) was passed to authorize perpetual curates to style themselves vicars (see Vicar).
  • As regards water, its deficiency or excess is a relative matter, and although many of the minor maladies of pot-plants in windows and greenhouses controlled by amateurs depend on its misuse, water alone is probably never a primary cause of disease.
  • It led, among other consequences, to an enormous misuse of bleeding.
  • Accidents from the misuse and careless handling of explosives are unfortunately too frequent in mines.
  • In 1896 Peters was condemned by a disciplinary court for a misuse of official power, and lost his commission.

What's another word for misuse?

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