Sentence Examples

  • "It was a misunderstanding," she managed, her face hot.
  • I was under some … pressure from the demons after some stupid misunderstanding regarding Darkyn.s daughter and a few others, so I took it and came here, he said.
  • Under this misunderstanding he signed the sham Dover treaty on the 31st of December 1670.
  • To prevent misunderstanding, it may be added that his diet was mainly vegetarian, and that he rarely drank wine.
  • And he who would understand what he remembers to have been said, whether in a dream or when he was awake, by the prophetic and enthusiastic nature, or what he has seen, must first recover his wits; and then he will be able to explain rationally what all 1 This misunderstanding of Acts ii.

What's another word for misunderstanding?

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