Sentence Examples

  • After more than a century of repression in 1905 the Edict of Toleration brought some relief.
  • In Jutland, too, after the repression, in 1441, of a peasant rising, something very like serfdom was introduced.
  • 6, 8-12, lob) the Israelites dwell apart in the province of Goshen, and their numbers become so great as to call for severe measures of repression, the method employed being that of forced labour.
  • In December 1898 he convoked a diplomatic conference in Rome to discuss secret means for the repression of anarchist propaganda and crime in view of the assassination of the empress of Austria by an Italian anarchist (Luccheni), but it is doubtful whether results of practical value were achieved.
  • Later constitutional theory held that the repression of civil discord was also one of the motives for the institution of a dictatorship. Such is the view expressed by Cicero in the De legibus (iii.

What's another word for repression?

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