Sentence Examples

  • On the one hand it was blamed as provocative, on the other as weak.
  • The provocative actions of the French Convention, especially their setting aside of the rights of the Dutch over the estuary of the Scheldt, had brought the two nations to the brink of war, when the execution of Louis XVI.
  • But though he thus sacrificed his own prospects to the cardinal's good pleasure, Dlugosz was far too sagacious to approve of the provocative attitude of Olesnicki, and frequently and fearlessly remonstrated with him on his conduct.
  • Shortly afterwards Magyar resentment of an army order issued from the cavalry manoeuvres at Chlopy in Galicia - in which the monarch declared that he would " hold fast to the existing and well-tried organization of the army " and would never " relinquish the rights and privileges guaranteed to its highest war-lord "; and of a provocative utterance of the Austrian premier Korber in the Reichsrath led to the overthrow of the Khuen-Hedervary cabinet (September 30) by an immense majority.
  • C. Fremont, - whose doings in California in the next two years were to be the main assets in a life-long reputation and an unsuccessful presidential campaign, - while engaged in a government surveying expedition, aroused the apprehensions of the Californian authorities by suspicious and very possibly intentionally provocative movements, and there was a show of military force by both parties.

What's another word for provocative?

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