Sentence Examples

  • National control of the railways was secured by a proviso that the directors must be of Italian nationality.
  • This last proviso, however, as we shall see, takes away almost all practical importance from the proposition.
  • Nine states, however, were represented by about 100 delegates, mostly Democrats, and the convention denounced the Wilmot Proviso, and, as "an extreme concession on the part of the South," promised to agree that, W.
  • He urged on the bill by which Catholics were prohibited from sitting in either House of Parliament, and was bitter in his expressions of disappointment when the Commons passed a proviso excepting James, against whom the bill was especially aimed, from its operation.
  • The state constitution adopted in 1802 followed the enabling act in accepting this line, but made the proviso that if it should not intersect Lake Erie east of the mouth of the Miami river, then the northern boundary should be a line from the southern end of Lake Michigan to the most northern cape of Maumee Bay and thence to the Territorial line, and to the Pennsylvania line.

What's another word for proviso?

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