Sentence Examples

  • The restriction smacked him hard, as he'd been ready to drag Rhyn out of Hell as soon as Death was gone.
  • It is also unwarranted to start with the expectation that everything in the world should be explained by one principle, and it is a needless restriction of our means to expect unity of method.
  • The restriction of the early letters of the alphabet to known, and of the late letters to unknown, quantities is also his work.
  • The agitation against the Chinese covered a space of over fifty years, a long period in the history of a young country, and was promoted and kept alive almost entirely by the trades unions, and the restriction acts were the first legislative triumph of the Labour party, albeit that party was not at the time directly represented in parliament.
  • A father could disinherit a son in early times without restriction, but the Code insisted upon judicial consent and that only for repeated unfilial conduct.

What's another word for restriction?

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