Sentence Examples

  • His confinement was strict and injured his health, but he was allowed the use of books.
  • When her confinement is due, send to Moscow for an accoucheur....
  • Took place on the 10th of March, an event which furnished a pretext for the removal of Huss from the Dominican convent to a more secure and more severe place of confinement under the charge of the bishop of Constance at Gottlieben on the Rhine.
  • Whenever opinions did happen to be expressed which could be construed as criticism of Austria or Germany the offenders were speedily punished, and it was not long before the political leaders of the Czechs and Slovaks found themselves in confinement, some of them under sentence of death, while the Czech and Slovak press was subjected to a rigorous censorship and many of its organs prohibited from appearing.
  • At a later period he was released from close confinement and allowed to settle in Mexico, where a pension was given him.

What's another word for confinement?

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