Sentence Examples

  • Circumscription, the pastor and one delegate of the council of presbyters Wheat.
  • It falls within the educational circumscription (academie) of Dijon and the military circumscription of the XX.
  • The department is within the judicial circumscription of the appeal court of Lyons and the educational circumscription (academie) of Lyons.
  • Attached to the generalite (administrative circumscription) of Tours, Anjou on the eve of the Revolution comprised five elections (judicial districts): - Angers, Beauge, Saumur, ChâteauGontier, Montreuil-Bellay and part of the elections of La Fleche and Richelieu.
  • The town, which is the seat of an archbishop and court of appeal, and the centre of an academie (educational circumscription), numbers among its public institutions a court of assizes, tribunals of first instance and of commerce, and a chamber of arts and manufactures.

What's another word for circumscription?

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