Sentence Examples

  • In 1901 Bellary was chosen as one of the places of detention in India for Boer prisoners of war.
  • The story of his detention by the governor (officially styled captain) of Malacca - a son of Vasco da Gama named Alvaro de Ataide or Athayde - is told with many picturesque details by F.
  • Services; the balloon establishment; the detention barracks; fire brigade stations; five churches; recreation grounds for officers and men; schools; and especially the military technical schools of army cooking, gymnastics, signalling, ballooning and of mounted infantry, Army Service Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps and veterinary duties.
  • The queen had visited it more than once before her detention, and had had a presence chamber built in it.
  • Caesarea, indeed, as a city of mixed population and lying just outside Judaea proper - a place, moreover, where Timothy might have become known during Paul's two years' detention there - would satisfy many conditions of the problem.

What's another word for detention?

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