Sentence Examples

  • The Syrian disturbances brought about a French occupation, which Fuad Pasha, ably seconded by Ahmed Vefyk Effendi, the Turkish ambassador in Paris, contrived to restrict, and to terminate as soon as possible.
  • If we restrict ourselves to this set of symbols we can uniquely pass from a product of real coefficients to the symbolic representations of such product, but we cannot, uniquely, from the symbols recover the real form, This is clear because we can write n-1 n-2 2 2n-3 3 a1a2 =a l a 2, a 1 a 2 = a 1 a2 while the same product of umbrae arises from n n-3 3 2n-3 3 aoa 3 = a l .a a 2 = a a 2 .
  • Mr Alfred Lyttelton (who had succeeded Mr Chamberlain as secretary of state for the colonies) endeavoured to meet the wishes of the Transvaal by sanctioning legislation which would greatly restrict the immigration of Indians, but he would allow 1 A careful summary of the facts regarding the shortage of labour and of the economic situation in the Transvaal at that time, together with the debates in the legislative council, will be found in The Annual Register for 1903, from the pen of Mr H.
  • Upon the reoccupation of Rome by the French after Mentana, Antonelli again ruled supreme, but upon the entry of the Italians in 1870 was obliged to restrict his activity to the management of foreign relations.
  • While in some cases these laws are unnecessarily stringent and tend to restrict the business of mining yet on the whole they have had the effect of reducing greatly the loss of life and injuries of miners where they have been well enforced.

What's another word for restrict?

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