Sentence Examples

  • On the 3rd of February 1910 the Porte accepted a Bulgarian proposal for a mixed commission to delimit disputed sections of the Turco-Bulgarian frontier, and in March King Ferdinand visited Constantinople.
  • During his ministry he developed the rapprochement of France with Russia - visiting St Petersburg with the president, Felix Faure - and sent expeditions to delimit the French colonies in Africa.
  • The success of the Anglo-Egyptian condominium, and the consequent economic and financial prosperity of Egypt proper, rendered it possible, during 1896-1898, to recover Fashoda from the Mahdists the Sudanese provinces (see Military Operations), and to delimit in that part of Africa, in accordance with Anglo-Egyptian interests, the respective spheres of influence of Great Britain and France.
  • This action led to an arrangement in August of the same year for a joint Anglo-Russian commission to delimit the Afghan frontier.
  • The expressions " science of finance " and " public finance " have been suggested as suitable to delimit the last mentioned application.

What's another word for delimit?

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