Sentence Examples

  • To delineate in a few words the character of the Poverello of Assisi is indeed a difficult task.
  • Ziegler's hypsometric maps (1856) or so-called " relief maps," which attempt to delineate the ground so as to give the impression of a relief, are generally preferred.
  • Again, the physician as naturalist, though stimulated by the pathologist to delineate disease in its fuller manifestations, yet was hampered in a measure by the didactic method of constructing "types" which should command the attention of the disciple and rivet themselves on his memory; thus too often those incipient and transitory phases which initiate the paths of dissolution were missed.
  • The enamels are used to delineate decorative subjects and are applied in masses, the principal colors being green, yellow and soft Prussian blue, all brilliant and transparent, with the exception of the last which is nearly opaque.
  • The maps of the Ordnance, Geological and Hydrographic Surveys delineate the configuration and geology of England and the adjacent seas with a completeness unsurpassed in any other country.

What's another word for delineate?

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