Sentence Examples

  • Little progress in the delineation of 0 upon his chart of the FIG.
  • " Geography," in the sense in which he uses the term, signifies the delineation of the known world, in the shape of a map, while chorography carries out the same objects in fuller detail, with regard to a particular country.
  • The extent to which the more correct proportion would have affected the delineation of the Mediterranean is illustrated by fig.
  • Authors is assumed to have been the official map of the Roman Empire, but if we compare the crude outline given to the Mediterranean with the more correct delineation of Ptolemy, who was certainly in a position to avail himself of these official sources, such an assumption is untenable.
  • The earliest delineation of the description has already been referred to as the AngloSaxon map of the world.

What's another word for delineation?

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