Sentence Examples

  • The reference to Stratonicus, a musician of the time of Alexander the Great (Rudens, 932); and in the delineation of character we have no reason to suppose that he improved on his models (cf.
  • 10 The extremely fantastic delineation of the world of light by which Hayye Kadmaye is surrounded (see for example the beginning of Sidra rabba) corresponds very closely with the Manichaean description of the abode of the "king of the paradise of light."
  • Little progress in the delineation of 0 upon his chart of the FIG.
  • " Geography," in the sense in which he uses the term, signifies the delineation of the known world, in the shape of a map, while chorography carries out the same objects in fuller detail, with regard to a particular country.
  • The extent to which the more correct proportion would have affected the delineation of the Mediterranean is illustrated by fig.

What's another word for delineation?

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