Sentence Examples

  • Damian sat in his office before the computer, glancing between the instant messaging boxes popping up on one computer screen and the geospatial depiction of the past hundred years' worth of battles between his Guardians and the Black God's vamps on another screen.
  • Her latest painting-- another seaside depiction of Fisherman's Wharf-- leaned against one wall, ready to be delivered to Kevin's shop.
  • The depiction was of him, and her, and Anshan, though how she knew Anshan, he didn't know.
  • The geospatial depiction of the country was crisscrossed with glowing colors and lines.
  • Michelet's wonderful depiction in his Histoire de France (livres 13 to 17) has never teen surpassed for graphic word-painting, but it is inaccurate in details, and superseded in scholarship. Of the original sources for the reign the Lettres de Louis XI.

What's another word for depiction?

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