Sentence Examples

  • Her latest painting-- another seaside depiction of Fisherman's Wharf-- leaned against one wall, ready to be delivered to Kevin's shop.
  • Nor can we deny to the Yashts, in their depiction of the Zoroastrian angels and their presentment of the old sagas, a certain poetic feeling, at times, and a pleasant diction.
  • The earlier artists at Newlyn were said to have selected it as their centre, because a greyness in the atmosphere helped their depiction of subtleties in tone, part of their creed being subordination of colour to tone-gradation.
  • The geospatial depiction of the country was crisscrossed with glowing colors and lines.
  • Michelet's wonderful depiction in his Histoire de France (livres 13 to 17) has never teen surpassed for graphic word-painting, but it is inaccurate in details, and superseded in scholarship. Of the original sources for the reign the Lettres de Louis XI.