Sentence Examples

  • The artist did not depict emotion: he depicted the subjects that produce emotion.
  • The Cretan Kouretes), or to depict the conquest of barbarians as the overthrow of serpents or serpent-like beings.
  • In the principal figures of ecclesiastical history he tried to depict the representative tendencies of each age, and also the types of the essential tendencies of human nature generally.
  • That she was at length taken in her own toils even such a dullard as her admirers depict her could not have failed to understand; that €he was no such dastard as to desire or deserve such defenders the whole brief course of her remaining life bore consistent and irrefragable witness.
  • His earliest collections of stories and sketches, Aus Halb- Asien, Land and Leute des ostlichen Europas (1876) and Die Juden von Barnow (1877) depict graphically the life and manners of the races of southeastern Europe.

What's another word for depict?

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