Sentence Examples

  • Van Ingen, portray the state's religious sects; those in the north corridor, by John W.
  • In the accompanying cut we have endeavoured to portray this map. The projection adopted is a perspective of the hemisphere as viewed from a point at the distance of one diameter from the surface, and situated on the production of.
  • Budapest, 1845), which portray an imaginary communistic colony in Central Africa.
  • The discovery of the inscription of a later king of Moab (q.v.) has proved that the east-Jordanic tribes were no uncivilized or barbaric folk; material wealth, a considerable religious and political organization, and the cultivation of letters (as exemplified in the style of the inscription) portray conditions which allow us to form some conception of life in Israel itself.
  • No brief description can adequately portray the marvellous variety and magnificence of the flora of the tierras calientes.

What's another word for portray?

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