Sentence Examples

  • While the last words, "sleeping, just sleeping," said prior to the interruption by Grasso seemed to denote failure, the earlier recorded observations suggest otherwise.
  • Guerra, war), a term currently used to denote war carried on by bands in any irregular and unorganized manner.
  • If µ' denote the refractive index of the material composing the particles regarded as continuous, D'/D =µ' 2, and µ = 2 nT 0 2 ' 2 - I), (17) reducing to µ - I =nT(µ' - i),..
  • I + is used to denote the charge on positive ions, I_ that on negative ions.
  • The same word 'Ic Fcev (Javan) appears in Hebrew literature of the 8th and 7th centuries, to denote one group of the " Japhetic " peoples of Asia Minor, Cyprus and perhaps Rhodes: " by these were the isles of the nations divided, in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations," a comprehensive expression for the island-strewn regions farther west (Gen.

What's another word for denote?

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