Sentence Examples

  • In C. nigrescens and in some other species a zooid may contain a pair of ovaries, a pair of testes, or an ovary and a testis, although the males, females and hermaj phrodites do not differ from one another in external characters.
  • Of Venus, but he was also expressly commissioned coox to ascertain " whether the unexplored part of the southern hemisphere be only an immense mass of water, or contain another continent."
  • Unable to contain his excitement, he started out ahead of her, turning to make sure she was following.
  • The most extensive fields are in the Mittagong, Wallerawang and Rylstone districts, which are roughly estimated to contain in the aggregate 12,944,000 tons of ore, containing 5,853,000 tons of metallic iron.
  • The manganese ores of the Bathurst district of New South Wales often contain a small percentage of cobalt - sufficient, indeed, to warrant further attempts to work them.

What's another word for contain?

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