Sentence Examples

  • Rarely is there a prerequisite test prior to training, but you'll be so immersed into the foundation of each practice that you won't want to worry if you're doing a movement or asana correctly.
  • Most of the contestants on the reality show America's Next Top Model have to have a healthy dose of self esteem to make it very far, but Jade Cole took thet prerequisite to a whole new level.
  • Rainbow Kids does not have a prerequisite of yoga instruction or even yoga experience, but current yoga instructors will receive continuing education credits through the Yoga Alliance.
  • Kohlberg's idea of the prerequisite significance of an understanding of gender constancy for gender typing has been controversial, and empirical support for the notion has been mixed.
  • Although in the past, marriage was usually required to define a stepfamily, marriage is not always a prerequisite for parents and children living together in the same household.