Sentence Examples

  • Rarely is there a prerequisite test prior to training, but you'll be so immersed into the foundation of each practice that you won't want to worry if you're doing a movement or asana correctly.
  • There is no prerequisite for visiting a doctor, but if the physician is not a member of the provider network the policy holder may not receive payment for their expenses.
  • Kohlberg's exact claims about the prerequisite importance of gender constancy understanding for gender-typing to take place have added to the controversy.
  • These abilities are important for reading development in young children and may be a prerequisite for later learning to read and write in a new language.
  • If you have a Bachelor's Degree from a liberal arts college that is not in nursing, you may earn a BSN as a second degree in two years or less in an accelerated program, depending on the prerequisite classes you have taken.