Sentence Examples

  • A gross case of insult offered by a Frenchman to a Sicilian woman led to the massacre at Palermo, and the like scenes followed elsewhere.
  • According to the ordinary practice towards parties in opposition, public meetings were broken up on the smallest pretence, and numerous prosecutions for insult to government officials (Beamtenbeleidigung) were brought against members of the party.
  • Monmouth himself did not escape insult in the street and from the pulpit.
  • Meanwhile the insult to March caused him to seek alliance with Henry IV., who°crossed the border - the last English king to do so - and appeared before Edinburgh castle.
  • Darnley had retired to his father's house at Glasgow, where he fell ill of small-pox, and, on the 14th of January 1567 Mary, from Holyrood, offered to visit him, though he had replied by a verbal insult to a former offer of a visit from Stirling.

What's another word for insult?

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