Sentence Examples

  • That Rhyn of all his brothers would be granted such an honor as an Ancient.s mate made a mockery of everything.
  • She shrugged nonchalantly, snapping a dry vine off and examining it as though unaware of the mockery of his question.
  • It was clear that so long as Austria, bribed by Germany, could act in a way so opposed to Italian interests in the Balkans, the Triple Alliance was a mockery, and Italy could only meet the situation by being prepared for all contingencies.
  • More distinguished sympathizers are Edward Gibbon, who has the deistic spirit, and David Hume, the historian and philosophical sceptic, who has at least the letter of the deistic creed (Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion), and who uses Pascal's appeal to " faith " in a spirit of mockery (Essay on Miracles).
  • To Eusebius the erection of a temple of Venus over the sepulchre of Christ was an act of mockery against the Christian religion.

What's another word for mockery?

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