Sentence Examples

  • At least then we'll stand half a chance if the vamp goes ape-shit crazy.
  • She'll go ape shit.
  • The girl tried to ape the boy's swagger, the way he kicked and splashed at every rock in his path like he was going for an ice cream or coming home from school instead of crawling deeper into the earth in this hell hole.
  • Rhyn's gone ape-shit crazy and decided to kill Death.  Toby's in Hell, and Darkyn is planning something big, but I don't know what.
  • The Asiatic elephant; the seladang, a bison of a larger type than the Indian gaur; two varieties of rhinoceros; the honey bear (bruang), the tapir, the sambhur (rusa); the speckled deer (kijang), three varieties of mouse-deer (napoh, plandok and kanchil); the gibbon (ungka or wawa'), the siamang, another species of anthropoid ape, the brok or coco-nut monkey, so called because it is trained by the Malays to gather the nuts from the coco-nut trees, the lotong, kra, and at least twenty other kinds of monkey; the binturong (arctictis binturong), the lemur; the Asiatic tiger, the black panther, the leopard, the large wild cat (harimau akar), several varieties of jungle cat; the wild boar, the wild dog; the flying squirrel,.

What's another word for ape?

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