Sentence Examples

  • Is modelled upon a mime of this writer which began in a very similar way.'
  • Mime Necker, despite her talents, her beauty and her fondness for philosophe society, was strictly decorous, somewhat reserved, and disposed to carry out in her daughter's case the rigorous discipline of her own childhood.
  • 3 Sophron's mime began with 7r6, yap a 6ac i 5aXTos; Theocritus's begins with ir¢ b un Tai SacAvac; The Scholiast thought that Theocritus showed want of taste in, making Thestylis a persona muta, instead of giving her a share in the dialogue as Sophron had done.
  • Mime, A History of Egypt under Roman Rule (London, 1898); E.
  • The second part of the story concerns VOlundr, lord of the elves, the cunning smith, who, after learning his art from Mime, then from the dwarfs, came to the court of King NIN19r, and there defeated in fight the smith Amilias.