Sentence Examples

  • Even though the real Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp) isn't on board to greet you (you can find an impersonator nearby though), the Pirates of the Caribbean by many is dubbed one of Disneyland's best rides.
  • Every May, in Las Vegas, several Chers and Elvises, a few Marilyn Monroes, and the Pope, to name a few, gather to swap stories and network at the annual Celebrity Impersonator Convention.
  • This was never more apparent than in New York City the other night when Babs and a George Bush impersonator put on a skit appearing to question our Commander in Chief's intelligence.
  • Wedding Dreams offers tux and gown rentals, hair and makeup appointments in your room, and even an Elvis impersonator can be added to your package!
  • Rather than the typical stuffy, formal affair, having an impersonator marry you is an informal and quirky way to add memories to your special day.