Sentence Examples

  • No Immortal alive had a good opinion of the deity, and the mocking way she spoke about Gabriel infuriated Deidre.
  • Sasha bowed his head in a mocking show of respect.
  • I crossed my fingers, hoping my mocking his speech would remain undetected.
  • Among game-birds there are a few wild turkeys, wild geese and bob-white (locally " partridge "), and greater numbers of grouse and various ducks; among song-birds the robin, bluebird and mocking-bird are common; and there are also woodpeckers, whippoorwills, blackbirds, hawks, owls, crows and buzzards.
  • Odin's brethren (in Gylfi's Mocking) are Vile and Ve, who with him slew Ymir the giant, and made all things out of the fragments of his body.

What's another word for mocking?

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