Sentence Examples

  • Ben Stiller's first short film was a spoof on The Color of Money, called The Hustler of Money and starred Stiller in the Tom Cruise role and Mahoney as the Paul Newman character.
  • The show, which was a spoof on soap operas but set in a school, is unique in that it lasts only five minutes per episode, and is made up of a series of comedy skits.
  • Ben Stiller has hosted MTV's Music Video Awards and provided a number of short films for various MTV awards, including the Tom Cruise spoof, Mission: Improbable.
  • Fey's rise to comedy stardom continued when she found herself in front of the cameras on SNL's regular feature Weekend Update, a spoof of the nightly news.
  • Pink's Infamous Spoof Video is notorious in the way it stabs at video girls, pop goddesses and all the other sexist cheesiness of American pop culture.