Sentence Examples

  • He despised all trickery and selfish greed.
  • In the sequel Daniel proves to the king that the priests with their wives and children came in through privy doors and consumed the viands set before the god; and the king, angered at their trickery, slew them all and gave Bel over to Daniel for destruction.
  • Suddenly liberated Richard, and in five years that devil set free took from Philip all the profit of his trickery, and shut him off from Normandy by the strong fortress of ChteauGaillard (1194-1199).
  • Idolatrous cults repose so largely on make-believe and credulity that the priests who administered them, perhaps oftener than we know, fell into the kind of imposture and trickery of which the legend of Bel and the dragon represents a classical example.
  • The trickery and cunning of Hermes is a Prominent theme in literature from Homer downwards, although it is very rarely recognized in official cult.

What's another word for trickery?

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