Sentence Examples

  • Whenever you're searching for ghost videos online, the first thing you'll notice is that a significant number of them are spoofs or prank videos that are meant to poke fun at the entire field of the paranormal.
  • There are literally thousands of tips and tricks on how to prank your parents available online, and if you are creative, then you can even create your own pranks with a little inspiration from websites about gags and pranks.
  • It would be doubly cruel to play this prank on the person who just got their scalp full of raw eggs from the Cracking Eggs Trick, but here is another example of one of a safe and easy college prank you can play on someone.
  • If the target of the prank uses a wireless mouse, taping the piece of paper over its optical eye means the object of the prank will not be able to use it . For an added bit of frivolity, write "April Fool" on the paper.
  • Give the smelly object some time to become really aromatic and then make a point of calling the victim of the prank or having someone else call them and watch them squirm while they try to locate the source of the odor.