Sentence Examples

  • Personal cupidity, discourtesy to the allies, and a tendency to adopt the style and manners of oriental princes, combined to alienate from him the sympathies of the Ionian allies, who realized that, had it not been for the Athenians, the battle of Salamis would never have been even fought, and Greece would probably have become a Persian satrapy.
  • To remove the head-dress of whatever kind is, in the East, an act of discourtesy; to strike it off is a deep insult.
  • The lines of Boileau beginning Enfin Malherbe vint are rendered only partially applicable by :the extraordinary ignorance of older French poetry which distinguished that peremptory critic. But the good as well as bad side of Malherbe's theory and practice is excellently described by his contemporary and superior Regnier, who was animated against him, not merely by reason of his own devotion to Ronsard but because of Malherbe's discourtesy towards Regnier's uncle P. Desportes, whom the Norman poet had at first distinctly copied.
  • His papers, seized after the fall of Delhi, are full of senile complaint of the disrespect and discourtesy which he suffered from them.
  • Whatever merits Lord Stratford possessedand he stands out in current diplomacy as the one strong man whom England had abroadthere was no doubt that he bad this disqualification: the emperor Nicholas had refused some years before to receive him as ambassador at St Petersburg, and Lord Stratford had resented, and never forgiven, the discourtesy of this refusal.

What's another word for discourtesy?

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