Sentence Examples

  • By this means a gall is produced on the under side of the leaf.
  • He found that the development of a gall is due to a temporary modification of the part affected, not, as is generally thought, in consequence of the deposition of an egg by the insect, but of the injection of a poisonous substance which has the effect of stimulating the protoplasm to develop a gall instead of normal structure.
  • If the gall-bladder was swollen, it pointed to an extension or enlargement of some kind.
  • Malpighi ~fl 1679 gave excellent figures and accounts of leaf-roUing and gall insects, and Grew in 1682 equally good descriptions of a leafmining caterpillar.
  • (8)Walther of Aquitaine, chiefly known from the Latin poem Waltharius, written by Ekkehard of St Gall at the beginning of the 10th century, and fragments of an 8th-century Anglo-Saxon Epic Waldere.