Sentence Examples

  • Derogatory sense.
  • Every endeavour is made to gloss over, or modify, expressions which seemed derogatory to the ancestors of ' According to Zunz, Gottesdienstliche Vortrdge, 2nd ed., p. 80, its contents bear the following proportions to Genesis, z o o to Exodus, about 1 1 4 to Leviticus, s to Numbers, and 4 to Deuteronomy.
  • Leopold hesitated and finally rejected the proposals as derogatory to ' his dignity.
  • Derogatory sense as applied to their fellow churchmen who still uphold in their integrity the principles of the Reformation.
  • In Plutarch's Symposium of the Seven Sages, at which Aesop is a guest, there are many jests on his original servile condition, but nothing derogatory is said about his personal appearance.

What's another word for derogatory?

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