Sentence Examples

  • I didn't expect the critical infrastructure to disintegrate so fast.
  • 79-89; v1.49-5 1, 73, 8 5-94), involve critical problems of some difficulty and interest.
  • Two critical editions were published in 1904, one by the Franciscans of Quaracchi near Florence, the other (in a longer and a shorter form) by Professor H.
  • A summary of recent critical works bearing on the text and interpretation is given by Seyffert in his admirable reports (in Bursian's Jahresberichte fiber die Fortschritte der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft), 1883-1885, 1886-1889, 1890-1894, continued by Lindsay, 18 951906.
  • A permanent place in the history of German literature belongs to Friedrich Schlegel and his brother August Wilhelm as the critical leaders of the Romantic school, which derived from them most of its governing ideas as to the characteristics of the middle ages, and as to the methods of literary expression.

What's another word for critical?

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