Sentence Examples

  • It's no easy task trying to come up with nutritious yet affordable meals that will be acceptable to a picky toddler, a teenage athlete with a bottomless appetite, and a husband who may be reluctant to step outside his culinary comfort zone.
  • Riders Eye has a few tinted swim goggle styles that may work, especially if you're designing a costume but you aren't super picky about having exact replicas as opposed to just something that gets the message across.
  • There are a number of recipes for frugal cooking, as well as suggestions for dealing with picky teens who insist on designer clothes and spouses who are less than supportive of your tightwad ambitions.
  • Towards the end of the season, you may be able to find even lower mark-downs, so if you aren't too picky when it comes to style, shopping at the end of the season may work well for you.
  • The unique dishes, along with the assortment and wide selection of available foods, are definitely a plus to those families that may be traveling with younger children or picky eaters.