Sentence Examples

  • Trans., 1692), exhaustive but uncritical; notices in the editions of Garnier and Aime-Martin; A.
  • At the same time he reproduces their scandalous anecdotes in a quite uncritical spirit, and accepts unquestioningly the 4th-century tradition.
  • As a general rule the annalists wrote in a spirit of uncritical patriotism, which led them to minimize or gloss over such disasters as the conquest of Rome by Porsena and the compulsory payment of ransom to the Gauls, and to flatter the people by exaggerated accounts of Roman prowess, dressed up in fanciful language.
  • The logical form of the argument makes it especially valuable in public speaking, before uncritical audiences.
  • There are numerous older and uncritical biographies by members of the Society; best and earliest are De vita Francisca Xaverii.

What's another word for uncritical?

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