Sentence Examples

  • Once he has his allies assembled, can they uncover who is behind this sinister plot before it is too late?
  • However, I did uncover many selections not usually sampled by a western sweet tooth such as: desserts made with beans, won ton sweet rolls, sesame seed fried custard, white fungus with rock sugar, and deep-fried watermelon.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (learning new behavior), group therapy, or interpersonal psychotherapy may be employed to uncover the emotional motives, distorted thinking, and behavioral patterns behind the binge eating.
  • Researching a variety of wine accessories online turned up very little in the way of Copco wine bottle stoppers, except for those designed by Karim Rashid, but it did uncover a plethora of other wine stopper options.
  • Dream research continues to fine tune the previous theories as scientists uncover more and more about the brain's functions during REM sleep and as scientific measuring equipment improves.