Sentence Examples

  • In considering the force of instinct in animals he was obliged to divest will of reason.
  • The British government thought otherwise; they held that the trekkers could not divest themselves of their allegiance to the Crown.
  • A number of followers, estimated by Prince at 500, but by his critics at one-fifth of the number, were got together, and it was given out by "Beloved" or "The Lamb" - the names by which the Agapemonites designated their leader - that his disciples must divest themselves of their possessions and throw them into the common stock.
  • 3 Bryant published (1774) A New System, or an Analysis of Ancient Mythology, wherein an Attempt is made to divest Tradition of Fable, in which he talked very learnedly of " that wonderful people, the descendants of Cush," and saw everywhere symbols of the ark and traces of the Noachian deluge.
  • Frowning with vexation at the effort necessary to divest himself of his coat and trousers, the prince undressed, sat down heavily on the bed, and appeared to be meditating as he looked contemptuously at his withered yellow legs.