Sentence Examples

  • Although at the time, no one was sure that coal, oil and other fossil fuels were anything to cause concern, the idea of free and constant power, without the need to mine or otherwise despoil the natural world, was an immense temptation.
  • He comes to despoil our beloved country.
  • The three branches of the Bourbon house, ruling in France, Austrian Spain and the Sicilies, joined with Prussia, Bavaria and the kingdom of Sardinia to despoil Maria Theresa of her heritage.
  • Ferdinand refused to despoil his brother's infant son, and even if he did not act on the moral ground he alleged, his sagacity must have shown him that he would be at the mercy of the men who had chosen him in such circumstances.
  • In 1508 he helped to promote ha Y~ the league of Cambrai, formed to despoil Venice, but he soon returned to his former policy of waging war against France, and he continued to do this until peace was made in 15f6.