Sentence Examples

  • But the prospect of a settlement roused the Italian Nationalists to a final effort: the Nitti Cabinet fell, and D'Annunzio, repeating his defiance of Europe, attempted a further raid upon Dalmatia.
  • XX.) the latter seem to have joined in the great raid of northern tribes on Egypt which was checked by the battle of Pelusium.
  • Reared in this way they are capable of marvellous endurance, marching during a raid twenty hours a day for eight or ten days together.
  • He delivered a series of violent speeches against the papacy, and made open preparations for a raid, which were not interfered with by the government; but on.
  • An unsuccessful diplomatist, his chief services in arms were the butchery in the north after the Pilgrimage of Grace and the raid into Scotland which ended with the rout of Solway Moss.

What's another word for raid?

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