Sentence Examples

  • Tradition credits him with an especial genius for the delineation of animals and landscape, and commemorates his skill by a curious anecdote of a painted horse which left its frame to ravage the fields, and was reduced to pictorial stability only by the sacrifice of its eyes.
  • Though feeding largely on worms and insects they ravage gardens and fields, on which account they are detested by the colonists.
  • But John George's reluctance to join the Protestants disappeared when the imperial troops under Tilly began to ravage Saxony, and in September 1631 he concluded an alliance with the Swedish king.
  • In his days the Mahratta horsemen began to ravage the country, and the British at Calcutta obtained permission to erect an earth-work, which is known to the present day as the Mahratta ditch.
  • LEthelbald of Mercia seems to have taken advantage of this campaign to ravage Northumbria.

What's another word for ravage?

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