Sentence Examples

  • She adjusted the pillow and reached across him to extinguish her cigarette.
  • Where an effective sealing of the mine is impracticable it is sometimes possible to extinguish the fire from the outside of the mine by constructing a large reservoir or tank in the upper part of the mine-shaft and suddenly releasing a large volume of water by opening dischargedoors.
  • But the Curia did not support Miltitz, and placed more faith in Eck, who was eager to extinguish Luther in a public discussion.
  • The original malady being thus got rid of, the vital force would easily be able to cope with and extinguish the slighter disturbance caused by the remedy.
  • Chawner, showing that, out of 86 head masters belonging to the Head Masters' Conference whose replies had been published, " about 56 held the opinion that the exemption from Greek for all candidates for a degree would endanger or altogether extinguish the study of Greek in the vast majority of schools, while about 21 head masters held a different opinion."

What's another word for extinguish?

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