Sentence Examples

  • The diminution was due to the law of the 10th of April 1893 upon the banks of issue, by which they were obliged to liquidate the loan and mortgage business they had previously carried on.
  • It remained in Mantegna's studio unsold at his death, and was disposed of to liquidate debts.
  • Other items were afterwards added to liquidate other obligations than those included in the above, chiefly on account of the internal debt.
  • The constitution prohibits the legislature from lending the state's credit or incurring an indebtedness for current expenses in excess of $1,000,000 or incurring any indebtedness whatever, other than for war purposes, unless such indebtedness be authorized by law for " some single work or object," the law to be approved by the people at a general election and providing for a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest and to liquidate the debt within eighteen years.
  • Since federation no chartered bank has been compelled to liquidate without paying its note-holders in full.

What's another word for liquidate?

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