Sentence Examples

  • Knock-Off Styles: These styles try very hard to be as authentic as possible, but their details are usually discerned from photographs, rumor, and heresy rather than reputable sources.
  • These are sometimes called knock-off purses, but if they are a designer-inspired style they will not claim to be the original design, nor will they attempt to replicate the logo.
  • Your favorite perfume, whether it is an expensive designer fragrance or an inexpensive knock-off from the local drugstore, probably has a number of questionable substances in it.
  • The fonts under the Microsoft heading are where you'll find most of the commercial fonts--though there are some knock-off Microsoft fonts that look similar to the originals.
  • If you are willing to appreciate the artful characteristics of high-end fashion, then the make and overall design will seduce you away from cheaper or knock-off merchandise.