Sentence Examples

  • That would devastate Howie.
  • It will devastate her.
  • G Y the Holy See; he refused a request of the Florentines for grain from Romagna, and authorized Hawkwood to devastate their territory.
  • But the guerilla tactics of the wily klepht were powerless against Ibrahim, who marched northward, and, avoiding Nauplia for the present, seized Tripolitsa, and made this the base from which his columns marched to devastate the country far and wide.
  • We see them under command of two Danish " kings," Godfred and Siegfried, first in the country of the Rhine-mouth or the Lower Scheldt; afterwards dividing their forces and, while some devastate far into Germany, others extend their ravages on every side in northern France down to the Loire.

What's another word for devastate?

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