Sentence Examples

  • Maybe he thought she was discriminating against a man.
  • It is almost impossible even with the most discriminating care to give a brief account of completed feudalism and convey no wrong impression.
  • A more discriminating light is thrown upon him by the New Testament narratives of the trial of Jesus.
  • It is almost certain that the distal of these two segments really belongs to the thigh, but the ordinary nomenclature will be used in the present article, as this character is of great importance in discriminating families, and the two segments in question are referred to the trochanter by most systematic writers.
  • He later called himself a deist, or theist, not discriminating between the terms. To his favourite sister he wrote: " There are some things in your New England doctrine and worship which I do not agree with; but I do not therefore condemn them, or desire to shake your belief or practice of them."