Sentence Examples

  • His chief literary work is La Congiura dei baroni, a history of the unsuccessful conspiracy of the Neapolitan barons against King Ferdinand L of Naples in 1485; it is based on the authentic records of the state trials, but is prejudiced in favour of the royal power.
  • But the storm overwhelmed him: sober Catholics felt that his vulgar extravagances had prejudiced Catholic doctrine, and Miltitz, who was sent from Rome to deal with the situation, administered to him a severe castigation.
  • Leroy-Beaulieu - prejudiced in favour of the poor mujik rather than of the wealthy landlord.
  • He had the full confidence of Queen Caroline, whom he prejudiced against Carteret.
  • The prejudiced Western accounts of Alexius, and serves to bring Bohemund forward into his proper prominence.

What's another word for prejudiced?

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