Sentence Examples

  • To check these prejudicial fluctuations and to prevent too great a fall in the price of gold (to repeat a popular misconception), a £42,297,050 30,395,916 11,763,923 £ 84,456,889 £IO,178,718 05,$24,375,067 gold,.
  • While approving the repeal in regard to minor cereals, the Senate (24th January 1880) again rejected the repeal of the tax on grinding wheat as prejudicial to national finance.
  • This subject brings the domain of pathology, however, into touch with that of variation, and we are profoundly ignorant as to the complex of external conditions which would decide in any given case how far a variation in form would be prejudicial or otherwise to the continued existence of a species.
  • Such visitors are clearly prejudicial to the flower, and so we meet with arrangements which are calculated to repel the intruders, or at least to force them to enter the flower in such a way as not to effect mischief.
  • In 67 and 66 Catulus unsuccessfully opposed, as prejudicial to constitutional freedom, the Gabinian and Manilian laws, which conferred special powers upon Pompey.

What's another word for prejudicial?

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