Sentence Examples

  • At this point the loss of her car was more an inconvenience than anything else.
  • Winter isn't just a big inconvenience, it's really a season.
  • It was peaceful on the path, in spite of the snow and increased inconvenience of trudging in its depth.
  • In the new art the concentration of attention upon form, as a more important source of dramatic interest and climax than texture, resulted in a neglect of polyphony which seriously damaged even Gluck's work, and which always had the grave inconvenience that while the new methods of blending and contrasting instruments stimulated an increase in the variety, if not in the size of orchestras, there was at the same time extreme difficulty in finding occupation for the members of the lower middle class of the orchestra in ordinary passages.
  • To obviate the inconvenience of placing the telephone to the mouth and the ear alternately, two telephones were commonly used at each end, joined either parallel to each other or in series.

What's another word for inconvenience?

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