Sentence Examples

  • In the approaching disruption writers saw the punishment for the king's apostasy, and they condemn the sanctuaries in Jerusalem which he erected to the gods of his heathen wives.
  • The history in Kings was not finally settled until a very late date, as is evident from the important variations in the Septuagint, and it is especially in the description of the time of Solomon and the disruption that there continued to be considerable fluctuations.'
  • Io seq.) bears the same name as the one who advised Rehoboam to acquiesce in the disruption (1 Kings xii.
  • Young Rainy was intended for his father's profession, but he was caught by the evangelical fervour of the Disruption movement, and after studying for the Free Church he became a minister, first in Aberdeenshire and then in Edinburgh, till in 1862 he was elected professor of Church history in the theological seminary, New College, a post he only resigned in 1900.
  • As a Scotsman, Aberdeen was interested in the ecclesiastical controversy which culminated in the disruption of 1843.

What's another word for disruption?

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