Sentence Examples

  • "There may be signs soon of deterioration, Deidre," he said with gravity.
  • For example, when you ignored my first summons" - Fate glared at him - "you made the deterioration of the underworld eighty percent likelier.
  • Slow deterioration or an eternity.
  • He passed the recently restored Beaumont Hotel, a beautiful structure that after several decades of disuse and deterioration had finally been returned to its past glory.
  • To this character the fungus owes its generic name (Marasmius) as well as one of its most valuable qualities for the table, for examples may be gathered from June to November, and if carefully dried may be hung on strings for culinary purposes and preserved without deterioration for several years; indeed, many persons assert that the rich flavour of these fungi increases with years.

What's another word for deterioration?

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