Sentence Examples

  • As it is a staple food with the poorer classes, the deficiency is made up through importation.
  • This deficiency is made up by the addition of auxiliaries or suffixes.
  • There is, however, a yearly deficiency of more than £6000.
  • This deficiency is very usual in the class; at the same time, many Lamellibranchs have tentacles on the edge of the mantle supplied by a pair of large well-developed nerves, which are given off from the cerebro-pleural ganglion-pair, A, When free swimming, shows the two dentigerous valves widely open.
  • Although the interest on the state fund had risen to $70,000 in 1819, this together with an equal sum raised by the cities and towns was insufficient, and to meet the deficiency the patrons in each district were required by a " rate bill " to contribute in proportion to the attendance of their children.

What's another word for deficiency?

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